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Viper Merchandise

As mentioned at the GEF we are doing a run on Viper t-shirts and hoodies. 
Delivery will hopefully be at the summer moot 2018, potentially may slip to the Gathering 2018.

Collection can be made at a later if you wish to purchase but will not be attending either of the events.

T-shirt Viper logo has been made by Becki Butterworth from Das Dorf.

All T-shirts and Hoodies will be a black base with the below logo and back text. 
Hoodies are over the head pull on's.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Robert Walker some tree Vipers
jonathan barton Marcus Tepes Vipers
Keiron Tonge Nevyn Vipers
gareth shaw Big and Clever Vipers
John Keech Lurks At Dusk Vipers
Christopher Banks Elthorn Aldread Vipers
Nick Swain Fynn Vipers
Matthew Colclough Nish Vipers
Weirdy Alleway Alph Vipers
David Barnes Bad Vipers
Ashley Boyd Geinm ElNeim Vipers
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti Vipers

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